Find a payment by selecting payment status, date range and sorting the columns.

Use below three steps for finding a specific payment:


1. Select Payment status

All approved payments start as New. The payment status changes depending on your action. You must always select the desired status of the payment you are looking for.

New Payments - A successful consumer payment (that hasn’t been declined) is categorized as a New Payment.The amount is reserved on the consumer payment card but the order has not yet been shipped. New payments require your action. Click here for more on how to Charge, Refund or Cancel payments.

Charged payments represent payments of shipped or confirmed orders where the consumers payment card has been charged.

Refunded payments represent returned orders where the money has been refunded to your customer.

Canceled payments are payments that were canceled before being Charged, typically if a consumer cancels an order before shipping. When a payment is canceled by you, the reserved amount on the consumer payment card is released back to their bank account.

Declined payments were never reserved and the consumer received a Declined notification in the checkout when trying to pay. Possible reasons are insufficient funds or a technical error. 


2. Date search

Choose a specific date range or pick the predefined date range to find payments within that period.


3. Column sorting

All payments are by default sorted by date and time (order time for new, Charged time for charged etc). If you have a payment that you know were made by Anders Andersson you can click on the ”consumer name” header and sort payments by name. You may sort from A-Z or Z-A.

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