Test information

Resources to test your DIBS Easy integration.


You are able to verify that your Easy checkout integration is working using our test environment. To preform test purchases you need to make sure you are sending the request towards the test environment specified below and that you also are using your test key which you can find in the Easy administration.

Test API https://test.api.dibspayment.eu
Production API https://api.dibspayment.eu

You find your secretKey and checkoutKey for the test and live environment in the Easy administration

Test cards

Cards to use in the test environment

Card type Card number

Expire date 

CVC Result
VISA 4925000000000004  > today Any 3 digits None
VISA 4925000000000004  > today Any 3 digits Reservation will fail
VISA 4925000000000004  > today Any 3 digits Charge will fail
MasterCard 5413000000000000  > today Any 3 digits None


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